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Richard Allen Whitt
Richard Allen Whitt~ America’s Finest

Hi, my name is Tonya Pugh(Whitt) and I remember as a child my Dad would tell me his war stories and I would sit there horrified and amazed at the same time. But as the years went by and just last year when he passed away, I realized that nobody would hear his stories ever again. And this is why I developed and produced my channel~ America’s Finest ~ currently on Roku TV.  Now, I wont be able to tell my Fathers stories but I can tell you that he was in the 101st Airborne in the United States Army where he did two tours in Vietnam earning two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star. But the world will never know what a True American Hero he really is. I wanted a platform for our United States Veterans to tell their story. 

If you or someone you know wants to get their story out, please contact me so we can set up a video interview

You can view all interviews and stories on my channel ~ America’s Finest only on Roku TV

Also, please consider a donation for this channel, it costs a lot of money to run. Proceeds go to help Veterans in domestic violent situations. Thanks